May Long EP

by Grand Beach

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Full length demos


released 07 May 2012

Music written by Alex and Jo
Performed by Alex, Jo, and Drew
Mixed and Mastered by Aaron Simoes and Grand Beach


tags: pop Winnipeg


all rights reserved


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Track Name: Joanna
In the middle of it, found another way out
Tell all them antique Milky Ways: "See you someday"

'Cause you do everything, They really wanted you.
Happily wannabe hour is due tonight
Wondering how to get back to the green and blue
C'mon, You're forgetting it all
Come back to the light now

If she saw us now, would you hold her hand?
If she saw us now, would you hold her?

See you some day soon (we're losin' bodies)
Hide if you wanna
Even on a monday
Track Name: East Side Brooklyn
Goin' down to east side brooklyn
You don't wanna go there
never wanted to leave

Innocence, no we won't be taken at all
Unweave, fold up