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by Grand Beach

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Brock Benzel
Brock Benzel thumbnail
Brock Benzel Love the summer vibes, really enjoying this album Favorite track: Korea (You Got It).
Riley Swim
Riley Swim thumbnail
Riley Swim Took me a few listens at first but this album grew on me. Wish I had picked this up sooner.

The instrumental part near the end of Korea (You Got It) is amazing. Favorite track: Korea (You Got It).
Dylan Forster
Dylan Forster thumbnail
Dylan Forster Like wut... incredible in every way. Favorite track: Because Of Neil.
Russ thumbnail
Russ a recent discovery. beautiful math-pop with emotive vocals and awesome falsettos. Favorite track: The Midas Touch.
ZidaneFTW thumbnail
ZidaneFTW These guys deserve more recognition than they are getting for sure. Favorite track: Michelin Man.
Musical Mathematics
Musical Mathematics thumbnail
Musical Mathematics Unbelivable album. One of the most exciting releases of 2014. Favorite track: Ea$t $ide Brooklyn.
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All songs written by Alex and Jo
Preformed by Grand Beach


Because Of Neil
Korea (You Got It)
The Midas Touch
Sour Patch Kids
Sleeptalking (Calgary)

Ea$t $ide Brooklyn
Michelin Man


Tracked and mixed by John-Paul Peters at Private Ear Studios
Vocals tracked by Alex and Jo at home
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering
Photography by Alex and Jo



released October 18, 2014

Alexander Litinsky - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Joseph Peloquin-Hopfner - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
Drew Johnston - Bass
Neil Bazan - Drums

Catherine Litinsky - Vocals on 'Joanna'


MAJOR THANKS TO: John-Paul Peters, Tim Lutz, Darcy Bunio, Craig Boychuk, Marty Thiessen, Darryl Laxdal, Jesse Matthewson, James McCracken and the freight elevator crew, Parlour Coffee, Matt Veith, Ed Brooks, Erik Burke, Dan Jangula, and of course to all of our families and friends. Love.


In memory of Steven Andrew Hurst and Jonah Nepon. You will be missed by many many many people.




Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Grand Beach Winnipeg, Manitoba

A 4-piece riff band from the Prairies

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Track Name: Because Of Neil
You know you said "hold" till you say "go".

Could you wanna be alone…
when I put you on the beach?

To operate
On all terrain

Now look who's at the seat: The rediscovered

Don't tell secrets
Bros in sequence
Don't tell secrets, oh no...

To operate
On all terrain

Now look who's at the seat
Bazan is on the scene
He's rediscovered

Because of Neil
Track Name: Korea (You Got It)
If you wanna save some dynamite, open your eyes up.

You brought a war to the sea
You got no reason to speak this slowly.

You've got the same atoms…
I know we'll never win.
You got it.
Track Name: The Midas Touch
With dimes in your wallet and gold on your plate.
Anyone could see inequality.

You grew tired.
You grew tired of the silence.
You grew tired.
Won't you, don't you, won't you, don't you, stop!

Breathe in the dead
Breathe in the dead
Don't you lie..
Track Name: Sour Patch Kids
Sometimes I really wanna soak in salt
Wading's all that I want.
And then I wanna feel it soakin' all up
Wading's all that I want.

Never really cared about what you say..
And I never really cared..
Track Name: Alkalion
Auxin to leaf, you say it's all basic
Quand tu as tombée

Oh honeybee, you say it's all dreamscape.
Tu sais
Quand tu as tombée

If you were the only ones who's dreams eloped:
We'd get up away, gone.

If you were Andromeda's police, you'd know.
We'd get up away, gone.

Wake up (beautiful nothing)
Wake up sound
(And I) happily choose the morning
Cause honestly, I'm moving slowly
Track Name: Sleeptalking (Calgary)
Where we going so late?
When's it gonna let up?
Then you come around and..
Simply say you're fed up.

All along, the catalog was tough to beat.

Caution at the end.

Aid that won't do, grey eyes owned blue.
Always behind.

Don't wanna talk in your sleep tonight
Don't wanna give it away

Sleeptalkin', sleeptalkin'
Track Name: Uphill
Tame the beast 'cause it won't stay down
I know what we've accomplished now
I've got a feeling that I'm gonna stay
You'd like to know the truth...

Whatever you wanna say.
I've got plenty comin'..
You told me to come in..

Loving is coming around.
Track Name: Ea$t $ide Brooklyn
Goin' down to East Side Brooklyn
You don't wanna go there
And I never wanted to leave

Innocence, no we won't be taken
At all
Unweave, fold up
Track Name: Joanna
In the middle of it
Found another way out
Tell all them antique Milky Ways
See you some day ..

'Cause you do everything, they really wanted you.
Happily wannabe-hour is due tonight..
Wondering how to get back to the green and blue.
C'mon, you're forgetting it all
Come back to the light now.

If she saw us now, could you hold her hand?
If she saw us now, would you hold her?
If she saw us now, would you hold her?
If she saw us now, would you hold her hand?

See you some day soon (losin' bodies)
Hide if you wanna (if you wanna)
Even on a monday
Track Name: Klar
You don't wanna waste your time,
Get back down to playing
In a the world where all is like you.

(Crashin' alone)
New worlds thrust upon you
But you were actually sleepin'...

You don't wanna waste your time,
get back down to playing
in a the world where all is like you.

(Crashin' alone)
New worlds thrust upon you
But you were actually sleepin'...

You wouldn't feel bad anymore, if you'd seen it
Opened my eyes and closed the door, I was sleepin'
And in a moment I was home, fully feeling
Track Name: Michelin Man
Runnin' down the city tonight, and you're sleeping.
Padawan, it's enough…..
I will never sleep tight.

Chatting up a storm
Turns out I was all alone
You and everyone…
Kept too far away.

Based on this, hold tight.

Why'd you run away to the city?
Why'd you run away?
You could admit you wanted someone's sister.

"Born empty, hollow inside. My dreams have fled down now, 'cause you are the greatest…."